Saturday, July 2, 2011

Creating a Relationship Today

Oh man, this is such a common question. A lot of you guys are not interested in dating five women a week and having multiple one night stands. I say Good for You – it’s never good to not have goals or a future in mind.

But, the problem is that most of you then start overthinking how to turn all the women you’re meeting into girlfriends instead of just another casual date for Friday night.

Married but Lonely

Then you try too hard, push her away and wonder “what did I do wrong”.

Here’s the thing, though. Women, even if they don’t take dating all too seriously and like to have fun with you, will get very serious if they think you’re approaching a real relationship with her.

Even if she’s still interested in you, the second you make it clear you’re looking for a relationship, she will run away – maybe playfully, but with the chase in mind.

You have to keep distance. Don’t let her think of it in terms of a relationship until you’re ready. Why? Because she’ll start nitpicking everything you say and do – after all you’re boyfriend material then, not just a guy she’s hanging out with.

Married but Lonely

If your goal is solely to be in a relationship, you’re going to have a HARD time playing it cool enough for her to become comfortable, get to know you and relax throughout the meeting process.

So, what does a smooth, confident guy do instead of chasing her to the moon and back?

He stops seeming eager, steps back and lets her wonder what his intentions are. Don’t appear to be playing a long game. Instead, relax and play the game from day to day and make it seem like you’re just out to have fun on that date.

You should be the aloof one, showing that you’re not needy and not about to chase her
all over the place.

Married but Lonely

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