Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Draft In The 2017 NFL Draft.

How To Draft In The 2017 NFL Draft.

1. Pick The Best Talent Possible.

Myles Garrett is there for the taking The Browns can't waste  their draft looking for the next tom Brady in a Mitch Trubisky. neither can the other teams with need at the quarterback position. The quarterbacks of this year's draft consist of unknown variables and projects. Take it this way Jimmy Garoppolo could easily be Ryan Mallet or fool us like Brock Osweiler or Matt Flynn. Garoppolo however in his limited starts has already proven himself more than any high pick in this draft.

2. Don't Panic.

Upon hearing that the San Francisco 49ers may be interested in taking a Quarterback the Browns seem to be in a frenzy about trading up and down for picks. More than likely GM John Lynch’s gambit is playing head games to get the Cleveland Browns to reach for Mitch Trubisky and whiff on the projected #1 pick Myles Garrett. If Cleveland gets this wrong they could miss out on both players by being greedy. Many other teams with less than prime draft positions may welcome this one shake up which can have reverberations creating more value in the market.

3. Find The Best Value.

The draft is not only about talent it is also about value. There are many players with a wide valuation of talent like a Pat Mahomes who could be Brett Favre reincarnated or not. Leonard Fournette who could be the down hill running back who can help many team while Christian Mccaffrey who doubles as a slot receiver. Whoever loses out on Fournette, Mccaffrey or Dalvin Cook should take a swing on Joe Mixon. With former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon's past trouble possibly forcing him out of the second round when many scouts and analysts projecting him as the draft's most balanced back with the most upside. After a failed drug test Reuben Foster could only fall slightly but not much further thus creating enough value think: Laremy Tunsil's drop to the dolphins. Even though there is no 100% certain clear cut star like An Andrew Luck or a Cam Newton this is a deep draft packed with a lot of talent. The defensive ends and linebackers are especially deep we don't talk enough about Alabama's Jonathan Allen. Don't forget about the tight ends tweeners like Evan Engram or surer bets like Alabama's TE O.J. Howard

4. Trust the judges of talent

Go for the dark horse in University of Miami David Njoku. Jimmy Graham? Greg Olsen?Jeremy Shockey? Gee, you think the University of Miami might know something about TE's?
Sure maybe Eastern Washington WR Cooper Kupp  buzz is a tad overrated but he is a well vetted college wide receiver with good hands and many reps under his belt he is a known quantity. Analytics are the key. Bank on big talent at small schools Tarik Cohen could be the next Darren Sproles according to many scouts.

5. Consider The Analysis, But Don't Live By Them.

The questions are can you fix Deshaun Watson's arm? Do we need to fix Deshaun Watson's arm. Mentally there is no doubt about his pro caliber pedigree. but the augment is on the velocity of his throws at throwing at 45 to 49 mph considerably less than many first round prospects some say it's fixable with him having a ceiling of Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith. Quantitative analysis is extremely valuable but there is always the coaches eye test.